Sunday, April 17, 2011


5 whiskers
At the top of the stack this week stands another Mike Carey and Peter Gross masterpiece. This story comes as a break from the ongoing narrative, but it’s no slacker; it pushed almost every single one of my fiction pleasure buttons. An army of talking animals ascends a staircase that goes on forever and is waylaid by a foul-mouthed human in a rabbit’s body and soon he becomes a kind of charismatic dictator over them. Extra points for the inclusion of Piglet. If you haven’t jumped on this series, go back and get the trades, dammit!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6584 whiskers
I’ve been enjoying Spidey’s inclusion in the Fantastic Four…err…”Future Foundation,” but Marvel needs to watch their continuity between books: there’s some odd gaffes between this book and FF on Peter’s initial interactions with the team after Johnny’s death, mostly concerning Ben’s attitude towards him. Anyway, I loved this issue’s nod to FF’s of the past and I’ve really grown to like Javier Pulido’s art. Spidey’s in good hands with Dan Slott, too.

NEW AVENGERS #113 ½ whiskers
I think the book’s suffered a bit with this new storyline and the absence of Immonen’s art, but overall Bendis is still rockin’ it. Not really sure where this is all going, and I don’t care overly much that the name of “Avengers” wasn’t unique to Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Giant-Man and Wasp all those years ago, but the dialogue still sparkles and Deodato’s art is nice to look at. There have been better issues; I’m sure there’ll be more.

JOHN BYRNE’S NEXT MEN #53 whiskers
I have been lovin’ what Byrne’s been doing with this book and compliment him on its timeliness – take that, young whippersnappers – but this issue landed on the dull side. Not sure exactly why. Still, John’s art has never looked better and I think he’s really enjoying himself on the series, so all is good.

ADVENTURE COMICS #5253 whiskers
How cool is it to have not only a regular title from Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez – that actually arrives mostly on time! – but have it sport such a cool, classic old name? I don’t know what it is about this book, but I dig the combo of writer and artist, despite its sometimes pedestrian plot. See, I don’t get the regular LEGION book, but I do like this one – maybe its Jimenez’ incredible worlds and vistas…though I could have done without the giant penis on page 4.

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