Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Still occupying the top spot on my stack is my gushy-gushy fave, Grant Morrison’s ode to all things Batman. I know it may sound odd, but this book is just about everything I want in a Batman comic and I look forward to each issue. This one provided action and adventure, but also information and a good look into what Bruce Wayne is trying to do with his new organization. It’s fairly radical; Morrison is fundamentally changing the status quo of the Batman universe, though retaining what is essential and taking it in a new direction. I totally get that some people don’t dig it, but I suspect those readers know nothing more than what we’ve been spoon-fed since THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Word to yo momma: Batman can be fun. Morrison’s showing us how.

THE UNWRITTEN #254 ½ whiskers
Again, this is the only Vertigo title I read and I thank goodness I was smart enough to jump onboard at the very beginning. Our hero gets back to the real world and heads off into a new phase of his quest…and gets a bit of sugar for his troubles. Lizzie Hexam’s become quite an interesting character, but I haven’t full warmed yet to Richie. Maybe it’s the whole vampire thing. Anyway, I love when Carey and Gross throw in “artifacts” such as screen-grabs or documents or whatever, and this time we get an auction listing for Wilson Taylor’s effects – fun stuff. And that ending? Yow – I need the next issue, stat!

FF #34 whiskers
I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying the book that replaced FANTASTIC FOUR, but I know full well it’s simply another chapter in the over-arcing story. I appreciate all the cool nods to Lee and Kirby here, as well as Hickman’s ability to infuse this title with that “big” feeling it should have. As to Spider-Man’s involvement – ehh. I thought it’d be totally cool at first as I was never a Human Torch fan, but overall there hasn’t been much too really cement his placement on the team. Regardless, I loved all the guest-appearances in this issue, am in awe of Epting’s art and I want to know what’s going to happen next, so all is good.

JOHN BYRNE’S NEXT MEN #63 ½ whiskers
Sometimes I have to chuckle at the thought of someone not familiar with this book wandering into it and becoming baffled as hell over what is going on. Sometimes I feel like that person, too. But hey, this is Byrne at his best, or what passes for his best here in 2011, and I think he’s firing on almost all cylinders. I feel like this issue’s Civil War-era action was solid and authentic, and I especially marveled at the “security” surrounding the White House in Lincoln’s time – I figure if Byrne is telling me that’s the way it was, then by golly, that must be the way it was. I wish others could join in my appreciation for this title, but I suspect it’s too dense and too far down the line for someone to easily jump on its train.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6603 whiskers
Sigh. This isn’t bad and it’s not exactly great; its just there, for the most part. I guess I’m looking forward to this FF storyline being over and the book getting back to Spidey as the focus. I’m really not digging all the lead-in to “Spider-Island” – what I know of it at this point leaves me cold. And I didn’t really dig the Ghost Rider back-up story, either. I think they need to simplify this title again and get back to basics; it’s beginning to feel cramped and overloaded. Glad to that Peter and Carlie actually had a scene that showed they are dating or whatever. I was beginning to think I just imagined they were.

NEW AVENGERS #122 whiskers
Ouch. What happened to this book? Used to be one of my favorites, but this current storyline is killing it. I am not moved at all about Mockingbird’s peril or Superia’s villainy and especially not by the 1950s Nick Fury flashback. I mean, so what? At this juncture, Bendis is not being very coherent and the two storylines seem wholly unconnected. Damn, I hate to drop this title, but the next arc better kick it back in gear.

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