Wednesday, May 25, 2011


BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM #14 ½ whiskers
A great beginning to what looks to be a fascinating investigation into one of the coolest fictional cities of all. I love that Snyder and Higgins will be building upon bits laid down by Grant Morrison and that we’ll be finding out more about the Wayne family tree. While the art here is hit-and-miss, it sometimes nails it right on the head. Again, a solid beginning and I know I’m going to be depressed when this miniseries comes to an end. Also bummed that I didn’t score the alternate cover.

AVENGERS #134 whiskers
Bendis gets things back on track this time with a clever little FEAR ITSELF tie-in; leave it to him to buck the trend and do things his way. “His way” this time is one of his patented “sitting around talking doing something next to nothing” issues, but if I must have one of those, I’d want it to be by Bendis. Nowhere else can you get these little character and personality insights, like Jarvis’ steadfast belief in the Avengers and Spider-Woman’s dating problems. This ties in neatly with FEAR ITSELF #1 and is quite ominous by the end. Not a big Bachalo fan but he’s got a certain odd charm on occasion.

BATMAN #7103 whiskers
This issue loses some points with me by a) not being drawn by Tony Daniel, and b) featuring Two-Face. Something really cemented itself in my mind with this story: I’m just not a Two-Face fan. I like almost all of Batman’s villains, but I can’t bring myself to care much if Harvey’s coin is lost or he gets shot or whatever. This title was really rolling along, but with that “Judgment” thing in the last two issues and now a Two-Face story with Daniel only on writing, well, its okay but it ain’t rising to the top.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6613 whiskers
Another “okay” issue. Maybe I’d be more inclined to dig it if I was reading AVENGERS ACADEMY; as it is I can’t stand any of those super hero wannabe kids. I think the point here is to reinforce the fact that despite his new job and new girlfriend, Spidey’s still a loser. Reilly Brown’s art is like that of all the other books on this list: hit-and-miss. He draws Spidey and the Thing well, but his Peter Parker – hell, most of his civilians – look amateurish at times. I hope this title isn’t primed and ready to be flushed down the crapper.

I wasn’t planning on picking this up, but it called to me from the rack and I took it home with anticipation. Well, one good story does not a good comic make, sadly. Kurt Busiek and Michael Kaluta’s “Dear Betty” was very nice and I enjoyed it, but the other tow stories were empty fluff. What ever happened to the art of the short tale? The other two stories are so nothing, as if the creators thought they’d just throw together any ol’ story and it’d be good enough. Way to honor Dave Stevens, y’know? Cassady’s art is nice, but Allred’s really getting sloppy these days…at least Kaluta shows ‘em how to do it. Sigh. I wanted to really, really like this book…

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