Wednesday, May 11, 2011


3 ½ whiskers
Marvel’s big event for 2011 has gotten off to a pretty good start and I’m enjoying it, but overall there isn’t so much here yet that’s risen above the norm of these sorts of things. Fraction’s a competent writer but he lacks the unique voice of a Bendis or a Morrison. Fortunately, the art here is very much to my liking; I realize now how long I’ve been a fan of Immonen. The first few of the Worthy are cool, but I’m dreading the coming transformation of my most favorite Marvel character, Ben Grimm…

ADVENTURE COMICS #5262 ½ whiskers
Sigh. I’ve given this book a chance, four issues of a chance, and I’m sad to say I’m probably dropping it. I wanted very badly to like it and its sister book, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, but, frankly, it’s fairly boring. I really liked the first issue with Levitz and Jimenez, but Phil’s gone apparently and the whole thing smacks of bait-and-switch. Borges’ art is tepid and Moy’s is no better…and the writing is just not cooking with gas.

3 ½ whiskers
This one surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this sneak-preview, but I’m a big Adam West fan so to pick it up was a must. Incredibly, there’s nothing really jokey here or even light-hearted – it’s quite solemn, in fact. An aging Adam putting up with a bunch of younger shitheads and they’re condescending modern attitudes…did not expect that. There are some statements here about growing older and the place of heroes in the world today and in all, this has made me luck even more forward to the ongoing series. Too bad the art kinda sucked. (Side-note: I could find absolutely no copyright indicia in this book – I think that means that I can own everything in it?)

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